Yoxi.tv: A Story-Telling Platform for Social Innovation

Yoxi is an online platform for rising social innovators. Through competitions and original content, Yoxi identifies and promotes the game-changing ideas and attitudes of future leaders in the industries that need it most: Food, Fashion, Transportation, and more. Yoxi believes in the power of well-told compelling stories to make positive change.

{group theory} has collaborated with Yoxi since 2010, producing a range of campaigns and content initiatives to help them carry out their cause. Most recently, we produced Yoxi’s “Rockstar Manifesto” and “Social Innovation Rockstar” videos, which premiered at Opportunity Green.  For a selection of projects with Yoxi, please see below. Past collaborations with Yoxi can also be viewed here.

Director - Michael Tyburski
Producer - Ben Nabors
Producer - Burke Cherrie
Cinematographers - Hillary Spera, Todd Banhazl
Editor - Michael Tyburski
Assistant Editor - Samuel Gursky
Music - Michael Cheever