william and the windmill


William Kamkwamba, a young Malawian, builds a power-generating windmill from junk parts to rescue his family from famine, transforming his life and catapulting him on to the the world stage.  His fame and success lead him to new opportunities and complex choices about his future, distancing him from the life he once knew.

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+ Winner Grand Jury Prize (South By Southwest, 2013) + 
+ Winner Best Documentary (Hardacre Film Festival, 2013) + 
+ Winner Best Documentary (Asheville Cinema Festival, 2013) + 
+ Winner Best Documentary (Flyway Film Festival, 2013) + 
+ Honoree at Cinema Eye Honors Awards, 2013 + 
+ PBS's List Best Documentaries of 2013 +

The film shows William faced with a new set of challenges that arise largely from the incredible media attention and goodwill that his project generates. It neither celebrates nor condemns this period in his life; rather, it investigates a liminal space that, explored by a lesser artist, might leave you feeling dulled to the world you have entered. But Nabors thrives in such space—William’s world brims with palpable moral energy.
— GOOD Magazine
One of the most inspiring renewable energy stories ever told.
— One Earth Magazine
This documentary gracefully illuminates issues of black, white, rich, poor, hard work, pain, destiny, and dreams.
— Austin Chronicle
A fascinating look at the tricky balancing act of third world activism.
— IndieWire
‘William and the Windmill’ is not the documentary one might expect… a more nuanced alternative to the inevitable Hollywood version to come.
— Variety


South By Southwest, Hot Docs, Sydney Film Festival, Jerusalem Film Festival, BAM CinemaFest, Ashland Independent Film Festival, Little Rock Film Festival, San Francisco Independent Film Festival, Rooftop Film Festival, Hardacre Film Festival, CPH:DOX, Days & Nights, Camden International Film Festival, Cannaberra Film Festival, etc.

Directed & Produced by Ben Nabors
Cinematography by Michael Tyburski and Ben Nabors
Edited by Jonathan Oppenheim & Carlos Pavan
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