Purina: Arleigh Reynolds

Rural Alaska is a land of extremes. The environment is harsh, and an influx of crippling social issues within some small communities don't make things any easier. The Frank Attla Youth & Dog Care Program is designed to help. Through curriculum, training, cultural history, and hard work, at-risk youth reignite a passion for their heritage and learn many valuable life skills in the process, all while bonding with working dogs. 

Connected to this initiative is Dr. Arleigh Reynolds, a Purina Senior Researcher and a World Champion dog musher living and working in Alaska. Keen on preserving the rich cultural bond between people and dogs, Arleigh travels to rural villages to lend a hand. This film and subsequent campaign follows Arleigh as he visits the village of Huslia, the venerable home of some of Alaska's greatest mushers, to contribute to the Frank Attla Youth & Dog Care Program.

Director: Ben Nabors
Cinematographer: Todd Banhazl
Production Manager: Wyatt Angelo
Editor: Matthew C Hart
Sound Recordist: Mike Guarino
Archival Research: Douglas Nabors
Generous Archival Support Provided By: Alaska Film Archives - University of Alaska Fairbanks; KUAC-TV Fairbanks
Original Music: Stenfert Charles (Daniel Bensi & Saunder Jurriaans)
Sound Design / Dialogue Editing: Luciano Vignola, Sara Stern
Studio: {group theory}

{Produced in collaboration with Zeus Jones for the Purina Better With Pets Summit}