william and the windmill

WILLIAM AND THE WINDMILL now available online by Ben Nabors

Our Grand Jury Prize-winning documentary film WILLIAM AND THE WINDMILL is now available for rent or purchase online through major retailers. 

With only a library book as his guide, 14-year-old William Kamkwamba builds a windmill in his Malawian village that changes his life forever. Using junk parts and an inexhaustible imagination, he harnesses enough energy to power a generator that saves his family from famine and resuscitates his dying farming community. An instant media sensation, the teen soon has the ability to chart a previously unimaginable future of TEDtalks, Ivy League schools, and speaking tours. Cameras capture the dramatic upheavals, external pressures, and subtle shifts of perspective in this inspiring story of a young man facing the changes that a humble homemade windmill set in motion.

One Earth Magazine calls it “One of the most inspiring renewable energy stories ever told.”
Variety says “WILLIAM AND THE WINDMILL is not the documentary one might expect… a more nuanced alternative to the inevitable Hollywood version to come.”
Indiewire calls it "A fascinating look at the tricky balancing act of third world activism."

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