after birth

New Film at IFP Film Week by Ben Nabors


We are thrilled to bring a new scripted project to IFP's Film Week this September. Writer / Director Ben Nabors and Producer Brendan McHugh will be in attendance to present "After Birth" as part of the No Borders International Co-Production Market. From IFP's Press Release:

“This year’s feature film program doesn’t shy away from tackling the controversial and key issues of our time. Art often reflects the times we live in, and this slate certainly represents a multitude of points of view and perspectives on America today,” says IFP Executive Director Joana Vicente. “Through the lens of race, religious expression, disability, female empowerment, immigration, truth, political correctness, radical inclusion and disenfranchisement, our artists pull no punches sharing their stories, demanding attention for the visions they share. ”

To read more about the film and this year's IFP Project Forum visit this link.