Gnomeland Security: Alive and Well by Ben Nabors

It’s an exciting day in the land of cartoons.  {group theory} released the first chapter of our animated series Gnomeland Security.  The piece can be viewed at the show’s new microsite,, as well as other unique clips and supplementary content from the world of the gnomes.

Gnomeland Security is an animated series about a secret task force of gnomes responsible for keeping this country safe from animal terrorists.  From the perspective of most Americans, animal terrorism looks a lot like “natural occurrences,” which is why you have no idea that a secret task force of mercenary gnomes has been our nation’s only line of defense from this threat.  As a matter of fact, Nature’s most endangered are America’s most wanted.

Gnomeland Security catalogues the exploits and misadventures of these once ferocious warriors as they battle for America. These aren’t your garden variety gnomes.