The Happy Film: A Fundraiser / by Ben Nabors

On Thursday, August 4th, Ben Nabors and film partners Stefan Sagmeister and Hillman Curtis held a fundraiser for “The Happy Film” at the SVA Theater in Chelsea, Manhattan. The short prelude to the feature length project was screened (loosely titled “Having Guts Always Works Out For Me”), Sagmeister gave a 1-hour presentation about happiness in design, and Curtis led a post-screening Q&A about footage and approach.

We’d like to thank the more than 220 people that attended this event. We’re grateful for their interest and support in our work, and look forward to sharing more of the project with this audience.

For further information on the film, please visit the official website.

For further reading about the fundraiser, refer to the following press on the evening: Core77Fast Company’s Co.Design, and Print Magazine’s imprint.