{group theory} releases two projects with Yoxi.tv / by Ben Nabors

{group theory} released two new projects with Yoxi.tv this week, focusing on the organization’s past and upcoming social innovation competitions. Yoxi is a web-based entrepreneurship incubator where aspiring game-changers compete for seed money and support around a chosen social cause. The winning team qualifies forYoxi’s “100 Days” of tutelage and support, then head out to make an impact.


Yoxi’s first social innovation competition, titled “Reinvent Fast Food”, led to the selection of The Spoke, a San Francisco-based team interested in encouraging communication between restaurant owners and their clientele. This video profiles “The Spoke” as they hone their concept and deliver a software system to meet their goal. Watch the project below, view piece via the Yoxi site.

Studio - {group theory}
Director - Anthony Mathile
Producer - Ben Nabors
DP - Michael Tyburski
Additional Camera - Anthony Mathile, Eric Slatkin, Andreas Brændhaugen
Editor - Jennifer Filippazzo
Finishing - Anthony Mathile
Music - Youth Faire (Julio Monterrey)

The Spoke is: Deb Meisel, Ian Sherman, and David Gumbiner

Created for Yoxi.tv
A {group theory} production


Do you know where your denim comes from? One pair of jeans can travel to as many as 7 countries before it reaches your closet. Yoxi’s next competition, “Trim the Waste of Fashion,” asks their audience of future entrepreneurs to address this excess.  Watch this tantalizing call to action below, read about the campaign atCoolhunting, or visit the Yoxi site.

Studio - {group theory}
Director - Michael Tyburski
Executive Producer - Ben Nabors
Script - Yoxi.tv
Produced - Burke Cherrie
DP - Filipp Penson
Model - Thalia Michelle
Music - Sami Jano

Created for Yoxi.tv
A {group theory} production

For more information, please visit http://yoxi.tv