“Emerging Thailand” Premieres at MIT / by Ben Nabors

What drives growth in the developing world?  What is the role of entrepreneurship in developing countries? How are local businesses connected to the national economy?

“Emerging Thailand: The Spirit of Small Enterprise” is a documentary film produced in collaboration with MIT Professor of Economics Dr. Robert Townsend and The Enterprise Initiative (University of Chicago). This 35-minute documentary film profiles several small business owners throughout Thailand, and visually illustrates the extensive and long-running survey work of Dr. Townsend and his collaborators.  Shot over the course of 14 days in Thailand and several visits to MIT, the film is a beautiful testament of the entrepreneurial spirit of Thailand, as well as the meticulous research that fuels Townsend’s understanding of the country.

A series of short visual portraits profiling a range of business owners in Thailand - from rubber farmers to silk weavers - have also been released as part of this project.  View them here.

“Emerging Thailand” will premiere on April 23rd at 5.30PM on the MIT Campus (E25-111), followed by a screening at the University of Chicago on May 16th. For more information, please visit www.emergingthailand.org.

Director - Anthony Mathile
Producer - Ben Nabors
Cinematography - Todd Banhazl
Additional Camera - Anthony Mathile
Written By – Anthony Mathile, Ben Nabors, Natalie Hoover, Jennifer Hunt
Editor – Carlos Pavan
Additional Editing – Adam Epstein, Caitlin Diaz
Music By – Saunder Jurriaans & Danny Bensi
Narration – Debbe Hirata
Graphics / Titles – Jessi Arrington & Workshop 
Animation - Peyton Skyler Harrison
Studio - {group theory}