AISHTI / AIZONE Spring & Summer 2013 Campaign Released / by Ben Nabors

New work produced for the Beirut-based department store Aishti with graphic design studio Sagmeister & Walsh was recently released.  This season’s concepts related to “impossible shapes”, as assembled from the emblematically orange Aishti box, as well as practical typographic phrases for the Aizone line.  The production team had the opportunity to build much of these elements on set for the photographs—a daunting but exciting challenge.

A selection of images is included below, as well as links to behind-the-scenes videos detailing the shoots.

All concepts were conceived by Sagmeister & Walsh, under the art direction of Jessica Walsh.  All photography by Henry Hargreaves.

Design Studio - Sagmeister & Walsh
Art Director - Jessica Walsh
Photographer - Henry Hargreaves
Production Company - {group theory}
Producer - Ben Nabors
Production Coordinator - Burke Cherrie
3D Retouching - Erik Johannson 
Stylist - Don Sumada
Hair - Gregory Allen
Make-up - Anastasia Durasova 
Custom Fabrication - John Furgason & Andy Eklund
Locations - Shot in lovely New York City