We collaborated with the fantastic team at Sagmeister & Walsh to produce a rebrand campaign for fashion brand MILLY (by Michelle Smith). The resulting work is edgy, irreverent, bold and colorful, and will be seen worldwide from taxi tops to billboards. 

Sagmeister & Walsh kept Milly’s existing mark but evolved it through animation and placement. Whether the logo grows flowers, freezes over in ice, or is painted onto a woman's body, each application reflects the themes and inspirations of the most recent season’s clothing line and patterns. 

We produced the shoot at Brooklyn’s Root Studios, pulling together snakes, rats, toads, models, guillotines, guns, flowers, fish, and the occasional slice of pizza. The campaign consists of over 400 images and animations that accompany an influencer program which will roll out over the next year on social. Follow @milly on Instagram for the full campaign.

View more information or download images at Sagmeister & WalshVisit Milly to see the current line.

Read about the campaign in PRINT Magazine.

Art Direction: Jessica Walsh, Stefan Sagmeister
Design: Jessica Walsh, Angela Iannarelli, Aron Filkey, Matteo Giuseppe Pani, Daniel Forero, Valentin Breyne, Olivier Charland, Dennis Adelmann
Photography: Henry Hargreaves, Aron Filkey
Production: Ben Nabors, Molly Brunk, Emily Frank
Make Up: Anastasia Durasova
Hair: Gregory Alan, Joseph DiMaggio
Wardrobe Styling: Megan Evans
Production Design: Britt Reilly, Sam Lisenco
3D / Animation: Esteban Diácono, Brad Pickard, Pierre Bourjo, Joe Wright
Retouching: Lutz & Schmidt, Daniel Plateado