Frooti Mango Drink

Frooti is one of India’s oldest and most loved mango juice brands.

For the first time in 30 years, they were ready to unveil a new logo (Pentagram) and Frooti asked Sagmeister & Walsh to design a visual language, concepts, and strategy for a brand launch campaign across print, social, web, games, and broadcast.  We collaborated with Sagmeister & Walsh to produce and execute the photography component of this campaign launch, creating vibrant images for usage ranging from billboards and building wraps to Instagram. 

Working with the concept of a miniature world, we created custom-fabricated tiny scaled models of people, vehicles, animals and plant life to surround and enhance the Frooti product line. A vibrant color scheme accompanied each scenario. Only the Frooti packaging and mangos were kept in real life scale, underscoring the big taste of India’s favorite mango drink.

Though the workers are tiny, this campaign was large.  A full selection of images is available here

Design Firm: Sagmeister & Walsh
Creative / Art Direction, Design: Jessica Walsh
Creative Direction: Stefan Sagmeister
Producer: Ben Nabors
Photography / Design: Marion Luttenberger
Photography: Henry Hargreaves
Production Design: Sam Lisenco & Brittany Reilly
Design / Retouching: Briony Crane 
Website Design & Animation: Zipeng Zhu 
Photo Assistant: Josh Burgess
Retouching: Lutz & Schmidt