Free Energy’s “Bang Pop”

“Bang Pop” is the power-pop anthem from Free Energy‚ debut album Stuck on Nothing. The music video, a medley of all your favorite moments from 80s teenage comedies and rock n roll high school dreams, saw it‚ Internet debut on MySpace, and it later went on to win MTV’s Freshmen 5 award, securing a spot in regular rotation on the TV channel.

According to Rolling Stone:

“The hallowed halls of high school have often been the setting of iconic music videos, a fact Free Energy certainly took into consideration while conceiving their brilliant new video for “Bang Pop.” The power-poppersRolling Stone named one of the best bands of 2010 have managed to combine a bunch of classic clips, neon and Cheap Trick riffs into one of the most enjoyable videos of the year. “Bang Pop” seems to pay homage to everything from Van Halen’s “Hot For Teacher” to the locker room scene in “Porky’s” to every John Hughes flick in between. The band also makes sure to hit all the touchstones of over-the-top high school cliches: smoking in the girls‚ bathroom, yearbook portraits, perfectly timed fire drills and dudes wearing gorilla suits. (OK, maybe not that last one.)”

Read about the video around the Internet:

Story - Paul Sprangers, Scott Wells
Script - Paul Sprangers, Scott Wells, Ben Nabors, Josh Nussbaum
Director & DP - Josh Nussbaum
Producer - Ben Nabors
1st Assistant Director - Dylan Hopkins
Camera Operator - David Isern
1st AC - Marc-Erin Nielsen
2nd Unit Director - Anthony Mathile
Gaffer - David Briggs
Best Boy - Dan Joyce
2nd AD - Dave Kellom
Production Designer - Gregory Kochan
Art Director - Melissa Marie Hernandez
Prop Maker - Brandon Grether
Props Assistant - Leo Ouano
Costume Designer - Lauren Schad & Co.
Clothing Support - Urban Outfitters and Landaeus Vintage
Hair & Make-up - Ioana Chiorean, Stephanie Chiorean & Co.
Casting - Rachel Woliansky, Ayisha Jaffer
Editor - Nate Buchik
Additional Editing - Rene Johannsen
Colorist - Jonathan Pulley

And of course, The Ramones.