Aishti Fashion with Sagmeister & Walsh

Aishti is the undisputed fashion and luxury products market leader in Lebanon. New York design firm Sagmeister & Walsh is known for its experimental typography and striking visual imagery. Together they have come up with some of the most innovative fashion campaigns of the past few years, taking the vibrant nature of the brand and illustrating it in powerful photographs that are printed in newspapers, magazines, and billboards throughout Lebanon.

Producing these shoots is always a rewarding challenge. It can take months to coordinate exactly the right combination of locations, materials and artists to work together and align for just that one second that is captured in the final image.

See how these shots came together in our Behind the Scenes section.

Art Direction, Design: Sagmeister & Walsh
Photography: Henry Hargreaves 
Producer: Ben Nabors 
Hair Stylist: Gregory Alan 
Makeup: Anastasia Durasova 
Creative Retouching: Lutz And Schmitt 
Creative Retouching: Erik Johansson
Production Manager: Burke Cherrie
Production Coordinator: Jos Diaz
Behind The Scenes Video: Brian Petchers

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